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Over the past year I’ve looked and researched for ways in which just being on the internet in the comfort of your own home can earn you money.  You can always fill in on-line surveys and take part in on-line polls, but if you want to use your brain a little more and earn money, then you have to be patient and stick at things for the long term. As part of my AAT Accountancy qualification, I enjoyed studying Management Accounting and in particular calculating Cost-Volume-Profit relationships (CVP), break even points and managing cash flow budgets.  I’ve come across a legitimate and reliable website which allows you to practise these things and at the same time earn you some money. I’m convinced that people with spare time on their hands and who are willing to commit to a regular timeslot every day (20 mins) to this website for the next 6 months or so could benefit from a regular and reliable tax-free second income of up to £30 a week generated by this website.  And if they continue with this work, perhaps by spending 5-10mins every day, then this income could be for life?  It is really a no-brainer particularly if you are a young mother at home with children during the day, or if you are unemployed with time on your hands, or if you are retired and want an extra income source to supplement your pension.

Here is a list of the nitty gritty things you have to do: You will:

  • Earn commissions by clicking and viewing advertisements on the web every day for the first 2-3 months to build up funds in your account (although a small injection of cash from Paypal could speed up this process).
  • After 3 months pay to rent referrals who will click and view advertisements to earn you commission, whilst at the same time continuing to earn revenue by clicking and viewing your own advertisements every day.
  • Gradually grow and manage your base of rented referrals by purchasing new referrals and disposing of referrals who underperform at a small cost.  Break-even point analysis & CVP analysis come into play here, to determine which referrals are clicking in a profitable manner or not.
  • Be tempted NOT to cash in on profits earned in the early stages, but to use these to grow and maintain your referrals base.
  • Manage your rental budget for the long term to ensure that you have enough funds to budget for purchases of new referrals, and at renewals to budget for longer rental periods to take advantage of discounts on rental prices.  Managing cash flow budgets comes into play here.
  • After 6 months – 1 year when you have enough funds and profit in your account, purchase an upgrade in membership which allows you to earn more in commission from referrals, hence doubling your profits overnight!
  • Then spend 20 mins per day just managing your referrals base and clicking your own advertisements.
  • Then take your profits on a weekly/monthly basis, and providing you click your advertisements every day, this income could be for life!

This website is called Neobux and has been around since 2008.  It is a legitimate, reliable and trustworthy ‘paid to click’ website. However you first need to register with the programme, which is free.  Please copy and paste the link below to your browser – remember to do just this, to copy and paste.  To click on the link will just return you to this blog.