Many businesses are moving away from traditional marketing channels to new social media channels to promote their products. Tube Launch is a program that teaches people step-by-step on how to contact these companies and to download videos from a large database, and then the companies pay you to post their videos on to You-Tube.  However please note you will only get paid on the amount of traffic that you generate for that particular video, in particular how many ‘hits’ the video generates and how many times it is downloaded and viewed.  In other words, you have to provide a suitable description of the video and use ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ techniques in the text to ensure that the video receives a large amount of hits. The key is to find keywords that relate to the video and to make it attractive for You-Tube viewers to watch.  So if you enjoy watching videos, devising suitable text to attract viewers, and uploading videos on to You-Tube, then this job could be for you. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of companies listed in the database, from business to game companies, from health and food to clothing organisations, making it easy for you to find a subject area you are interested in. 

Membership of the Tubelaunch programme costs $34.  You will receive a step-by-step guide and a tutorial about how to earn money, and you will also have access to the database of videos to upload. Tubelaunch offers a 60 day money back guarantee if you do not see any income!

 Some possible downsides of Tubelaunch include:

  •  the need to have a strong, fast and powerful internet connection, as you will be downloading and uploading videos constantly.
  • the need for thorough research on numerous companies websites about their videos is required; this could be time-consuming.