Talking about affiliate marketing schemes recently, here is an interesting way to make money on-line.  How many times have you made a spelling mistake when typing in a domain name directly into your browser, for example ‘’ instead of ‘’?  Do you realise that you could earn some money on-line from other people’s similar spelling mistakes?

If you were the owner of a misspelled domain, for example ‘’ or ‘’ you would receive quite a lot of traffic (visitors) just from people who wanted to visit the homepage of Amazon.  In this case, one misspelling had a different ending in the domain (.co), the other misspelling in the name itself.

If you were to own one of these mis-spelt domains, you could seen the domain up to automatically redirect the traffic to the real Amazon site, but doing it using your own personal Amazon affiliate link.  This means that you would get paid a commission if the person then decided to buy a product on the site.  Of course, you would need to focus on domains where people would typically visit with the intention of spending money and where the domain provides an opportunity to earn commission with an affiliate program.

The problem is finding mis-spelt domains that are still available to purchase.  Other people have been doing this for a while now, so the obvious ones are likely to have already been snapped up.  You could do a google adwords search on the domain name, to see the most frequent similar words/text have been inputted into google.  To save you work, there is a free tool ‘domain typo finder’ which can be used to work out all the possible typos for a domain.  Again, you could do a google adwords search based on these words and establish the spelling with the greatest hits, and the tool would tell you whether the domain name has already been purchased:

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