I’ve come across some Market Research Companies who ask you to download a piece of software into your computer memory which tracks your internet usage, and this data is then transmitted back to Head Office for analysis.  You receive a nominal sum of money by the company in return.  So while you use your computer, you are effectively earning some (albeit small) sums of money.  Firms like Nielsen spring to mind here and the GfK Digital trends panel.  And I’ve used Mysurvey recently which has this feature (hhtp://uk.mysurvey.com)

However recently I’ve found a new program which can be potentially lucrative and earn you more money. The company puchases unused/idle computer processing power within your computer at a fair price, and then repackages it  and sells it on at a profit.  All profits after costs are then recycled amongst members of the program.  IPUS stands for Idle Processing Utlization Services.  The software will be released in mid-November for download.  No purchase is necessary, so simply download the Processor application to your computer, let it run inside the background, and use your computer as you normally would. You will never know it’s there, unless you want to view it to see what your earnings rate is.  You never have to do a thing should you not want to, and you will still make money.

However, like most on-line earning schemes, more money is made if you can refer others to download the software.  A standard account is free, and say you manage to find 10 referrals.   Each of these referrals then finds 10 other referrals, and each of those find 10 each, and so on, down 4 levels.  Let’s also say everyone with the Processor Software installed is earning $1 per day each from their computer..

As a Standard member, you would earn your $1 for your machine. You also earn 5% of the next level down (10 machines @ $1 = $10 X 5% = .50),), so .50 cents You would earn 1% on the next level (100 machines @ $1 = $100 X 1% = $1) or $1 You would not earn at any further levels down, But still, $2.50 per day, DOING NOTHING. Not too bad at all.

However, like most referral schemes, you can pay a fee and earn more commission from your referrals.  You can pay a fee and become a Division Manager.  With the same number of referrals your earnings could look like this: 

You would earn your $1 for your machine. You also earn 10% of the next level down (10 machines @ $1 = $10 X 10% = $1), so $1. You would earn 5% on the next level (100 machines @ $1 = $100 X 5% = $5) or $5. You would earn 1% on the next level (1000 machines @ $1 = $1000 X 1% = $10) or $10. That adds up to $17 PER DAY as a Division Manager.

Some downsides I can see with this scheme include a minimum payout of $50, which may take some time to achieve, and that potential profits you may make are related to the computing/processing power of your machine, so people with computers with high processing speeds stand to gain.  You would also need to make sure that security scanning systems on your computer are kept up to date as possible.

Given my previous posting on purchasing domains/URLS which have similar spelling, I notice that the domains with the closest spelling to IPUS have already been purchased!

To become a member of the program and to download the software please click on the link below:


Finally, for another way to generate some cash, follow this link: