Make money online by renting out unused/idle computer processing power

I’ve come across some Market Research Companies who ask you to download a piece of software into your computer memory which tracks your internet usage, and this data is then transmitted back to Head Office for analysis.  You receive a nominal sum of money by the company in return.  So while you use your computer, you are effectively earning some (albeit small) sums of money.  Firms like Nielsen spring to mind here and the GfK Digital trends panel.  And I’ve used Mysurvey recently which has this feature (hhtp://

However recently I’ve found a new program which can be potentially lucrative and earn you more money. The company puchases unused/idle computer processing power within your computer at a fair price, and then repackages it  and sells it on at a profit.  All profits after costs are then recycled amongst members of the program.  IPUS stands for Idle Processing Utlization Services.  The software will be released in mid-November for download.  No purchase is necessary, so simply download the Processor application to your computer, let it run inside the background, and use your computer as you normally would. You will never know it’s there, unless you want to view it to see what your earnings rate is.  You never have to do a thing should you not want to, and you will still make money.

However, like most on-line earning schemes, more money is made if you can refer others to download the software.  A standard account is free, and say you manage to find 10 referrals.   Each of these referrals then finds 10 other referrals, and each of those find 10 each, and so on, down 4 levels.  Let’s also say everyone with the Processor Software installed is earning $1 per day each from their computer..

As a Standard member, you would earn your $1 for your machine. You also earn 5% of the next level down (10 machines @ $1 = $10 X 5% = .50),), so .50 cents You would earn 1% on the next level (100 machines @ $1 = $100 X 1% = $1) or $1 You would not earn at any further levels down, But still, $2.50 per day, DOING NOTHING. Not too bad at all.

However, like most referral schemes, you can pay a fee and earn more commission from your referrals.  You can pay a fee and become a Division Manager.  With the same number of referrals your earnings could look like this: 

You would earn your $1 for your machine. You also earn 10% of the next level down (10 machines @ $1 = $10 X 10% = $1), so $1. You would earn 5% on the next level (100 machines @ $1 = $100 X 5% = $5) or $5. You would earn 1% on the next level (1000 machines @ $1 = $1000 X 1% = $10) or $10. That adds up to $17 PER DAY as a Division Manager.

Some downsides I can see with this scheme include a minimum payout of $50, which may take some time to achieve, and that potential profits you may make are related to the computing/processing power of your machine, so people with computers with high processing speeds stand to gain.  You would also need to make sure that security scanning systems on your computer are kept up to date as possible.

Given my previous posting on purchasing domains/URLS which have similar spelling, I notice that the domains with the closest spelling to IPUS have already been purchased!

To become a member of the program and to download the software please click on the link below:

Finally, for another way to generate some cash, follow this link:


Making money on-line using other people’s spelling mistakes!

Talking about affiliate marketing schemes recently, here is an interesting way to make money on-line.  How many times have you made a spelling mistake when typing in a domain name directly into your browser, for example ‘’ instead of ‘’?  Do you realise that you could earn some money on-line from other people’s similar spelling mistakes?

If you were the owner of a misspelled domain, for example ‘’ or ‘’ you would receive quite a lot of traffic (visitors) just from people who wanted to visit the homepage of Amazon.  In this case, one misspelling had a different ending in the domain (.co), the other misspelling in the name itself.

If you were to own one of these mis-spelt domains, you could seen the domain up to automatically redirect the traffic to the real Amazon site, but doing it using your own personal Amazon affiliate link.  This means that you would get paid a commission if the person then decided to buy a product on the site.  Of course, you would need to focus on domains where people would typically visit with the intention of spending money and where the domain provides an opportunity to earn commission with an affiliate program.

The problem is finding mis-spelt domains that are still available to purchase.  Other people have been doing this for a while now, so the obvious ones are likely to have already been snapped up.  You could do a google adwords search on the domain name, to see the most frequent similar words/text have been inputted into google.  To save you work, there is a free tool ‘domain typo finder’ which can be used to work out all the possible typos for a domain.  Again, you could do a google adwords search based on these words and establish the spelling with the greatest hits, and the tool would tell you whether the domain name has already been purchased:

As a reminder, if you are interested in making money on line, follow this link:




Using Yahoo answers to make money


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Over 50 million people per day log on to yahoo answers, that is 50 million people per day looking for answers to problems they have.  So you can swoop in on the process, provide answers to these problems and at the same time make some money.  How? You simply answer people’s questions whilst also providing a link to an affiliate product that they may be tempted to investigate and perhaps buy.   An affiliate product is where you get paid a commission when a  visitor (through your unique link) buys the product.  The most common firm with an affiliate marketing scheme is 

In order to be able to provide quality answers to questions, you’ll need to concentrate on a particular topic and get knowledgeable on it.  Once you have picked your topic area, in order to get some idea of the wordings of typical questions that people ask related to it and also an indication of the questions that get asked over time, you could do a google adwords search on your topic area.  Then you can choose the wordings for your typical answer accordingly and at the same time become more knowledgeable.  As you start to answer questions over time, you’ll also start earning money through your affiliate link(s).  Whenever one of your answers get flagged as the “best answer”, it continues to get exposure. Google likes Yahoo Answers and often displays their answers within it’s search results. So there is the potential for your answers to continuously attract traffic and thereby the potential for people to continuously click on your affiliate link(s) and earn you money.

Earn money using the internet at home by posting videos on to ‘You Tube’

Many businesses are moving away from traditional marketing channels to new social media channels to promote their products. Tube Launch is a program that teaches people step-by-step on how to contact these companies and to download videos from a large database, and then the companies pay you to post their videos on to You-Tube.  However please note you will only get paid on the amount of traffic that you generate for that particular video, in particular how many ‘hits’ the video generates and how many times it is downloaded and viewed.  In other words, you have to provide a suitable description of the video and use ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ techniques in the text to ensure that the video receives a large amount of hits. The key is to find keywords that relate to the video and to make it attractive for You-Tube viewers to watch.  So if you enjoy watching videos, devising suitable text to attract viewers, and uploading videos on to You-Tube, then this job could be for you. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of companies listed in the database, from business to game companies, from health and food to clothing organisations, making it easy for you to find a subject area you are interested in. 

Membership of the Tubelaunch programme costs $34.  You will receive a step-by-step guide and a tutorial about how to earn money, and you will also have access to the database of videos to upload. Tubelaunch offers a 60 day money back guarantee if you do not see any income!

 Some possible downsides of Tubelaunch include:

  •  the need to have a strong, fast and powerful internet connection, as you will be downloading and uploading videos constantly.
  • the need for thorough research on numerous companies websites about their videos is required; this could be time-consuming.

Freelancing website –

I’ve been registered with the freelancing website ‘’ for a few months now, and I have gained some interesting paid commissions from it.  OK, a small percentage (about 5%) of your earnings is taken by the website as commission, but this is a small price to pay in return for getting your skills and talents known in the wider community for little personal financial outlay.

You have to register on the site for free and create a profile with your skills.  Then you can search the database for jobs within your skill areas.  You then put in a bid for a job you like and can specify a certain amount of funding to be placed by the supplier upfront in an eschrow account, which acts as some form of security between yourself and the supplier say if the supplier went bust and could not pay you.  If you are successful for a commission, the supplier contacts you by email via the site and you can get started and start earning!  I’ve noticed that jobs requiring common skills like book keeping have a large number of bids attached to them, if you can find jobs which require a skill that is in short supply, you may be in for a chance.

The site is well-regulated, with a help desk responding to your queries.  So if you experience any problems, there is someone at hand to help you.  There is also the facility to raise invoices to suppliers for your work.  

If you are successful in a job and the supplier likes your work, ask them to ‘rate’ and review you.  This is just like the system used by ebay, and could help you in the future gain more commissions.

A word of advice in bidding for a job – if the price the supplier quotes is in a currency outside of GBP, make sure you price the job in GBP first, and then convert this into the currency the supplier is expecting.  For example if the supplier quotes in USD, mulitply your hourly rate in GBP by 1.6 to give the price in USD.  There may be some complications regarding payment for services further down the line – to receive funds via paypal requires a small (1.96% or something admin fee), and there may be a bank fee incurred in converting from one currency into the currency in which you would like to be paid.

I’ve noticed that some people use the site to gain leads for their business.  For instance, if you are a book keeper working from home and would like to get more leads for your business, you could pay someone using the site to do this work for you.




Using the internet at home to make money for you – forum posting



One of the easiest ways to make money online is by forum posting.

A lot of webmasters have started hiring people to post on their forums so that their forums look busy and popular. They feel that by making their forums look more popular, they will be able to attract more long-term visitors.

When you’re posting in forums, all you would have to do is initiate new threads, or respond to existing ones, and keep conversations going. You may do this by posting interesting thoughts, thought-provoking conversation, or teaching people things.

In order for you to become a forum poster, here are some steps you can take:


  •  Browse through freelancing sites such as,,,
  •  Apply for forum posting jobs on those sites
  •  Respond back to the buyer on time if you are called for an interview
  •  Agree on the pay per post and the deadline
  •  ˃ Get the job done within the accepted deadline


If you have time to devote to this during the day and are able to make between 200 to 1000 posts, then you can earn up to £60 per day. 

Using ‘ticketsplitter’ to save money on rail fares

I came across the ticketsplitter tool on Martin Lewis’s website. Basically it allows you to save money on rail fares by providing you with information on how to split your journey into single tickets which when combined together could be cheaper than the full single fare.  At the moment it only works for walk-on fares, but you can get an indication of where to split your journey which you can use when purchasing advance tickets.


For instance, 2 weeks ago I booked an advance ticket from Nottingham to Glasgow.  The lowest standard advanced price quoted on was £57.  However by using ticketsplitter tool I found out that the journey could be split in two parts – Nottingham to Lancaster, and Lancaster to Glasgow.  The price of an advanced ticket Nottingham to Lancaster was £22, and from Lancaster to Glasgow £13.  When combined (£35) this compares favourably with the standard single fare of £57.

However you have to ensure that the train you are due to travel on stops at all the stations on the tickets.  In my case I can join the London to Glasgow train at Preston which covers the Nottingham to Lancaster section as the train stops at Lancaster as well, so I can remain on the train. You have to ensure that you have the Lancaster to Glasgow ticket already on you, as the train only stops for 1 minute at Lancaster, preventing you from collecting your ticket from the ticket machine on the platfotm!  So arranging to have the tickets posted to your home address in advance of the journey is advisable.

Is a valid and trusted website?

I came across this website a year or so ago.  Yes, when you register £20 is automatically put  into your account.  The downside is you have to earn £100 in cashabck to access this money, and the site only pays out once a month or so.  However I can confirm that the site is legitimate, and it does pay out when these thresholds are reached.  I got paid last month. With so many cashback offers on the site, for example earn cash back just by signing up to bingo sites, you would soon accumulate the £100 necessary to make a withdrawal and claim your cashback.

Earn money from home just by using the internet


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Over the past year I’ve looked and researched for ways in which just being on the internet in the comfort of your own home can earn you money.  You can always fill in on-line surveys and take part in on-line polls, but if you want to use your brain a little more and earn money, then you have to be patient and stick at things for the long term. As part of my AAT Accountancy qualification, I enjoyed studying Management Accounting and in particular calculating Cost-Volume-Profit relationships (CVP), break even points and managing cash flow budgets.  I’ve come across a legitimate and reliable website which allows you to practise these things and at the same time earn you some money. I’m convinced that people with spare time on their hands and who are willing to commit to a regular timeslot every day (20 mins) to this website for the next 6 months or so could benefit from a regular and reliable tax-free second income of up to £30 a week generated by this website.  And if they continue with this work, perhaps by spending 5-10mins every day, then this income could be for life?  It is really a no-brainer particularly if you are a young mother at home with children during the day, or if you are unemployed with time on your hands, or if you are retired and want an extra income source to supplement your pension.

Here is a list of the nitty gritty things you have to do: You will:

  • Earn commissions by clicking and viewing advertisements on the web every day for the first 2-3 months to build up funds in your account (although a small injection of cash from Paypal could speed up this process).
  • After 3 months pay to rent referrals who will click and view advertisements to earn you commission, whilst at the same time continuing to earn revenue by clicking and viewing your own advertisements every day.
  • Gradually grow and manage your base of rented referrals by purchasing new referrals and disposing of referrals who underperform at a small cost.  Break-even point analysis & CVP analysis come into play here, to determine which referrals are clicking in a profitable manner or not.
  • Be tempted NOT to cash in on profits earned in the early stages, but to use these to grow and maintain your referrals base.
  • Manage your rental budget for the long term to ensure that you have enough funds to budget for purchases of new referrals, and at renewals to budget for longer rental periods to take advantage of discounts on rental prices.  Managing cash flow budgets comes into play here.
  • After 6 months – 1 year when you have enough funds and profit in your account, purchase an upgrade in membership which allows you to earn more in commission from referrals, hence doubling your profits overnight!
  • Then spend 20 mins per day just managing your referrals base and clicking your own advertisements.
  • Then take your profits on a weekly/monthly basis, and providing you click your advertisements every day, this income could be for life!

This website is called Neobux and has been around since 2008.  It is a legitimate, reliable and trustworthy ‘paid to click’ website. However you first need to register with the programme, which is free.  Please copy and paste the link below to your browser – remember to do just this, to copy and paste.  To click on the link will just return you to this blog.